When William A. LePar's spiritual source, The Council spoke, the words were recorded for others to share. This was the responsibility of SOL, a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational organization. All those involved with SOL give freely of their time and talents in an effort to share the new spiritual awareness they have found through their association with Mr. LePar. It is SOL's sincere desire to present this fascinating, insightful information to the public so that all may have the opportunity to experience the beauty and the wisdom of the LePar Trance information.


​SOL has produced a number of publications based on the Trances of William  LePar.

These are available to the general public direct from SOL:

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Spiritual Harvest

Spiritual Harvest is a pilgrimage, a journey to a realm of inner awareness rarely perceived through the barren cacophony of modern life. Like the dawn over fields of ripened grain, this book gives a heartlifting vision of life's essence and provides the elements for unimagined personal fulfillment. All the bounty here is sustenance for the soul, served with a natural authority and power from a most remarkable man. You will find insight, inspiration and challenges.

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