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Welcome to a metaphysical adventure unparalleled in our time. Here you are

among fellow seekers on the path to spiritual awareness. With us, you will

encounter everything from earth changes and natural health to insights about

personal growth, human potential, reincarnation, karma, spirituality, meditation,

healing, the benefits of laughter, AIDS,  morality, religion,  prophecy, predictions,
human origins, The Creation, ghosts and phantom figures (two incredibly different

concepts), prehistoric life (both animal and human),  alien visitors, black holes, 

and on and on...

As this cycle of humanity's experience in our physical illusion (the earth plane -- life) comes to an end, and a new one begins, others who have traversed this path before us offer guidance, help, to their brothers and sisters. Their only task is to offer that help. Although it comes in a form considered paranormal or psychic, it is meant for all. This transcends traditional religions. Regardless of their views of the paranormal or mystical, regardless of their personal beliefs or individual understanding of the spiritual, all are welcome to explore.

Who are the "they" we speak of? They are The Council, a union of 12 souls evolved spiritually to a state of "being" without the need for names or individual identity. Yet they (and we, when we join them) remain as unique and individual as any person on earth. The Council expresses this love to physical man through the deep, catatonic-state trance communications of William Allen LePar. (The depth of LePar's trances can be compared to the depth of trance achieved by the late Edgar Cayce.) Once as human as we are now, (and facing the same challenges of life), now more human than we can imagine, but as human as we can grow to be: that is The Council.

LePar is a self-effacing man who at once struggled to hide his extreme psychic abilities and yet used them to help him through high school. As an adult, he chose to keep these abilities locked away. But that was not what his life plan intended, and the deep trances overwhelmed the quiet, blue-collar life he so enjoyed with his wife, Nancy. That was some 45 years ago, yet he has never desired to gain financially from his gifts; the couple always lived in middle-class neighborhoods in Stark County, Ohio.

Some two million words of dialogue with The Council have been recorded, preserved, cross-referenced, and prepared for humanity to use. The individuals who have done this work are all volunteers, who originally sought out LePar and The Council to aid in their own journey to spiritual awareness.

These volunteers are the core of the SOL Association for Research (SOL), a non-profit educational entity formed to aid in the endeavor to present this amazing opportunity to all who choose to seek its benefits. A picture of what these volunteers and so many others, men and women from all walks of life, have experienced was created in the opening paragraph of our Home Page. But the topics, the nuances of life, the visions of the struggle between the Darkness and the Light, have been so numerous, so all-encompassing, all souls have to experience for themselves to begin appreciating what humanity has before it in The Council dialogues. For example, we have learned of Mu and Lemuria, ages of mankind long-forgotten BEFORE Atlantis; we have learned aspects of life after death never revealed in human time; we have learned of the illusiveness and flexibility of time itself; of evolution and of black holes; of the reality and power of prayer and of the wondrous nature of angels; of the electromagnetic and electro-spiritual energies that affect us; of the relationship between free-willed humanity and Love. This is, simply and truly, an unequaled cornucopia of ethereal treasures, the quality pure and the impact profound.

Join us, The Council and Mr. LePar, and see for yourself.

The represents William LePar's SOL organization is 

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