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These are short passages taken from the more than two million words recorded during the four decades of trance sessions given by Mr. LePar. There is a wealth of knowledge available for those who become SOL members. This is your opportunity to have all of your questions answered!

Mental Powers of the Past

"You must remember that in that time (Lemuria) the mental powers were far superior to what you have today. It took very little to destroy or create. Towards the latter days of those times, they relied on crutches to activate the mental powers, such as crystals and what have you. To remove a mountain for those who did not have the power themselves was a relatively simple matter. They formed a group and would concentrate, focusing their powers or mental abilities to a crystal. This then would amplify or magnify that, and through the process of thought could direct or destroy."

Bermuda Triangle

What transpires in your Bermuda Triangle is that the electricities, the natural electricities, or the magnetic forces of the Earth and the universe ... come into collision at certain times. Those who are in the area of the collision are simply "changed," to put it politely. The chemical compounds that make up the physical form are reverted back to a less solidified form ... When the force fields are such, those individuals in those force fields are ... changed - "frozen in time."



What you have now, under the Western belief system, is a complete unison. You have already accomplished all the things necessary to bring the chakras into proper alignment; you all have undergone kundalini ... The experience of kundalini and its highest ... accomplishments are already yours, but that is only the opening of the door, because once all the chakras are in tune with one another or in balance and functioning as they should be, then what happens is the Crown Chakra is then opened to receive divine guidance.

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