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You must remember that a pet does have feelings, it does have emotions. It may not be able to think as logically or as analytically as the human mind can, but it does know, it can think, it is not just purely an instinctual reaction. Animals are quite psychic, and they know when there is a sickness, and they also know that their life form is for the betterment of mankind. So those animals who stay near their masters during times of sickness display their willingness to give of their energies for their master's benefit. The animal is willingly loaning or giving its life forces to its master.

Polar Shift

The changing of the poles, although you may feel it comes gradually, it does not. There is a building up, of course, but once the poles change it is a traumatic shock. It is an experience that upsets the entire magnetic field of the earth. There are many small things involved in causing ... the magnetic poles to move. One is the changing of the masses of metal in the core of the earth. As these segments of metal move from place to place, this causes a lopsided effect. Then you have also the movement of the celestial bodies, the heavens, the stars, the planets. Everything is interrelated ... These planets and stars ... have a direct effect on each other and the earth ... causing the collection of masses of metal ... in the inner part of the earth to pull to one side, and it is the accumulation of these metals ... that causes the poles to move. In such times when the ... poles have moved you have had tremendous catastrophes on the surface of the earth.



Nothing in life occurs by accident. You must remember that all of your life, every moment of your life, every second of your life is for a purpose. Every contact you have with other individuals is for a purpose.

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