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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a trance?

A trance is basically an altered state of consciousness. An important point is this: The depth of the trance, the amount of time it takes to reach that state, indicates the level of spiritual beings who can be contacted. The deeper the trance the higher the level, the more pure the information. To reach this level of trance state Mr. LePar must prepare with prayer and meditation.

Who are the members of The Council?


The Council are the spiritual beings who spoke through Mr. LePar for more than 3 decades. They come from the highest level of spirituality available to mankind. Beings from this level answer our questions based solely on Divine principles. Their answers are NOT colored by the lifetimes that they spent in the physical manifestation where we are now. They all experienced many lifetimes just as we have but have moved beyond the need for an earthly existence. When they speak it is the combined thought of the 12.
The Council has often referred to themselves as "spiritual beings," but we must remember that this is a very elusive term and can mean something far greater than what we normally have been taught to understand as a "spiritual being." In our finite minds, we look upon spiritual beings as living beings confined in similar manners as we in the physical, and this is not the case with some levels beyond the physical. But in this expanded description of themselves (The Council), we begin to realize that there are levels that we can reach as spiritual beings that far surpass our present concepts.

What are the Trance Lending Library Files?


These are transcriptions from the original trance sessions. They may contain excerpts from several trances or maybe one complete trance depending on the topic covered in the library file. For example: in the case of a file on reincarnation there will be information from many trances given over many years. The topic of Life After Death may be one complete trance since that subject was discussed in sessions specifically for that purpose.

The represents William LePar's SOL organization is 

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