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SOL Membership Benefits

This is an example of the SOLAR Newsletter. Members receive the current version quarterly. Join SOL's membership program to receive current editions of our newsletter as well as other benefits.

Sample newsletter and library file - Mysteries of the Universe. Please click on images to view.

1. The Trance Lending Library


These unedited passages gathered directly from William A. LePar's Trances are available to all members who seek to illuminate their spiritual environment. The topics being offered are exciting and varied. Each file contains 25-50 pages of information from one or more trances, exactly as it was received. There is much to learn. Begin exploring the truth today! All mailings are postage paid by SOL.

2. The SOLAR Newsletter

This high-quality publication brings you insightful and sometimes shocking messages from The Trances of William A. LePar, as well as commentary on spiritual growth and personal identity. The SOLAR Newsletter also presents popular features as Points to Ponder, Health Hints, and much more. With each quarterly edition of the SOLAR Newsletter, we will be informing you, fascinating you, and challenging you.

3. Special Discounts

Your membership card entitles you to receive special discounts on all books and tapes available through the SOLAR Catalog and directly from SOL. Unfortunately, due to limitations with PayPal, membership discounts will not be available on internet orders.  We are working to find a solution to this problem.

The SOL Membership offers you the unique opportunity to read Trance information exactly as received through William A. LePar. There is no other organization that offers such unusually complete access to its information. As a SOL member, you will be able to read the complete series of Trances on Life After Death which consists of more than 500 pages.

Please be sure to include your address when you apply to become a member. Become a Member, Sustaining Member, or Supporting Patron and become one of those on the leading edge of the search for truth.


Library File

The represents William LePar's SOL organization is 

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