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Online/Email Only Membership Program

For all of our friends who live outside of the U.S. and those within the U.S. who would like increased benefits from their membership, we offer the Online Only membership program. With this program, members will receive all Newsletters and Trance Lending Library files online or via email. Because this method reduces costs and administrative effort we can offer twice as many Trance Lending Library files than we can with our U.S. Mail membership program. Click here for details.

Note: Be sure to use the Contact Us to send your email address!

U.S. Mail Membership Program

For all of our friends who do not have online access or wish to receive paper copies of our Newsletter and the Trance Lending Library files, we offer the U.S. Mail membership program. Please click here for details.

Sample Trance Lending Library File

Mysteries of the Universe

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The represents William LePar's SOL organization is 

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