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The SOL Association for Research

William Allen LePar was struggling with the frightening reality of his life: A bizarre weariness would overtake him, and he knew he had to get into a safe place because a trance was approaching. He had no control over them. At the first trance, described in his biography, he was alone. For some time afterward, only his wife, Nancy, a nurse, witnessed the phenomenon. As he investigated and explored high and low for answers and guidance, he was led to a small group of people sincerely interested in the paranormal. There he encountered a young man whose hippie-like appearance did more to repel Mr. LePar than impress him. But this young man was to become the first "outsider" to witness the trance phenomenon and ask questions of The Council. At first, before he learned to control the trances, with help from The Council, Mr. LePar had to telephone the young man and basically say, "Get over here, another one is coming."

Eventually, a select few others were permitted to attend trances and question The Council. Mr. LePar also began attending events revolving around the metaphysical and paranormal. As news of his remarkable gifts spread, and once he conquered his fear of public speaking, he became a featured participant in a wide variety of "New Age" seminars and the like. From New York to California, LePar explained the trances, The Council, and focused on different subjects The Council had discussed.

To facilitate offering The Council's insights to others, and to maintain and utilize the growing record of trance communications and other activities, a formal organization was created: The SOL Association for Research (SOL). We are a tax-exempt, non-profit organization with the missions of advancing knowledge and enlightenment on issues of personal growth, spiritual awareness, holistic health, metaphysical reality, and future perspectives on these areas of human development. All core members of SOL are volunteers, completing the chores to meet and expand our goals. The name "SOL," incidentally, means "sun" in Latin.

SOL maintains an active membership program with a variety of benefits, especially access to "Trance Lending Library" files,  unedited transcripts of dialogue with The Council on subjects ranging from Atlantis to reincarnation, from social morality to aliens. (Hint: How moral is it for governments to suppress information about alien visitations?)


SOL has a division, SOLAR Press, which is involved in the writing and publication of books, all done on a volunteer basis. The authors, editors, layout and design specialists, all donate their talents to prepare aspects of the LePar/Council phenomenon for public consumption. Proceeds from SOLAR Press as well as SOL's other activities go only to furthering our mission.

We maintain a SOL Speakers Bureau, offering speakers on a vast array of insights from The Council to groups nationwide. SOL has held an annual conference, Universal Being, in the Canton, Ohio, area for almost 30 years. Participants at the Universal Being Conference experience an intimate setting that encourages interaction with the speakers. SOL also produces seminars, conferences, and meetings for presentation virtually anywhere. For more information concerning the SOL Association for Research, contact:


SOL Association for Research

P.O. Box 8878

Canton, Ohio 44711


The represents William LePar's SOL organization is 

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