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Healing – It begins in the physical – Part 2

This is a continuation of the previous posting by William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council.

The Council:  If healing has been achieved at the soul level and is to be achieved in the physical itself, then those steps, those occurrences, will transpire according to the situation or the soul's plan, through its association with others in the material manifestation, thus when the proper sequence of events transpire, the left hemisphere unlocks the healing forces.  There are times such as in truly miraculous healings or instantaneous healings, those that are complete and true healings, the left hemisphere is overridden by the right hemisphere of the physical brain.  These again are all determined by the need of the soul who must or is to have a healing and those who must relate to the situation.  It is the spiritual aspects of the entity itself that decides to work in this manner, and therefore has created a physical container with organs that function for specific reasons, such as the brain proper itself.  All things in God's Creation go according to the natural plans of the material manifestation or to the natural laws of the material manifestation; it is a delicate merging and blending of great beauty if one can see the intricate workings of each other, the material and the spiritual; it is a great spiritual concert or symphony.  Far too often man fails to see the beauty of life, whether it be the spiritual life or the material life.  All that you see in the material is a reflection of the spiritual, whether it be the universal condition of the world or whether it be the universal condition of the individual soul.  As we said though in some cases there are souls that decide to endure what some would refer to as unpleasant conditions only to give others the opportunity to demonstrate their godliness. 

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