Satanic Messages in Music 


This is an interesting dialogue with William LePar's spiritual source, The Council about messages encoded in music with a comment on humor added in.

Questioner:  The question is:  Are there really Satanic-type messages on some records produced by rock groups that are discernible when the records are played backwards?

The Council:  Would it suffice to say that this could be done?

Questioner:  Yes.  I am not going to push it anymore.  (Laughter)

The Council:  We cannot understand why we did not get such a laugh.  You must remember that once you leave your physical body, you do not really change.  You enjoy humor even more so than what you do while you are in your physical body, because the humor that you enjoy in the spirit is the realization of how funny you are yourself, and if you cannot laugh at yourself, then you cannot laugh at anything.  Just a little note to think about.

Questioner:  I like that.

The Council:  Truly, is not the best humor when you can laugh at yourself? Think about it.  It really does heal.

Questioner:  If it could just grow hair, I would be all right.

The Council:  Try looking in a mirror and laughing.  (Laughter)

Questioner:  All right.  Back to the messages.  You said they were possible, I do not know how to proceed now that you said it is possible.

The Council:  It has been done, but it is not simply reversing the words or recording them normally and then reversing the tape.  There is more involved than that.  First of all, the structure of the music itself.  It should be obvious to each of you, it should be very obvious to each of you that the music today when it is played to your children and to the young people sets up almost a hypnotic state and their minds become very susceptible to what is being said.  It goes directly to the subconscious.  So, all these vile words and suggestions go right to the heart of the individual or to the Subconscious Level of the individual.  That is why we have said in the past that your present music is completely unacceptable. The constant drumming or constant screeching or whatever you wish to call it sets up a hypnotic state within the individual and then those words become buried into the Subconscious Mind.  The overdubbing of reversed words or Satanic phrases only adds to the situation, but the real villain is what can be totally understood without using such dubbing techniques.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  We would advise you to be more fearful of the actual words to the music than what may be dubbed over or what have you.  Whether you realize it or not, the Subconscious and the Subjective Mind can very easily understand a word spoken in reverse.  It knows immediately what the word is; it will recognize the word immediately.


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