Quote of the month - Our Lord Offers Help to All

When Jesus was confronted with someone who was condemned or was living a life that was totally against God, He did not condemn them even though they may have been guilty. He presents a challenge to that person that is based on love, pity and faith for us as creations of God. He would say to anyone, “Go and sin no more.”

He knows that with the help that He has to offer us, that He wants to give us, that a man could change his way of life. This way of life could be changed in such a way that the man would be a brilliant reflection in the eyes of God.

It was not for Christ to overwhelm men with His knowledge. He knew they were imperfect, but it was for Him to try to inspire them into an unglimpsed discovery of the potential within themselves. Who knows what kind of a person you can be unless you try?

There is also a warning that Christ gives us that is implied in this passage. At such times when we are confronted with wrongdoings we must choose between an earthly life and an eternal life. Every step of the way, every minute of your day, every second of your day is matter of choice. It can’t be avoided.

William Allen LePar



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