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The Many Facets of the Divine

I hope this information from The Council will give everyone additional thoughts on the nature of the Divine Creator of all. If you look closely, beyond the words, perhaps a glimpse of the Divine is possible even with our finite minds. The one term that should be of interest is – Ultimate Vibration. Everything in existence vibrates at a specific rate, each of us humans, every cat, every dog, every rock, every snowflake, everything vibrates. They each have a unique vibratory rate that allows each energy pattern to form that particular three-dimensional object. The Council refers to the Divine as the Ultimate Vibration. Christ and the Holy Spirit are facets or active forces of that Ultimate Vibration. The following is a dialog between a questioner and William LePar’s source, The Council.

Questioner: Is the Holy Spirit an individual like Christ?

The Council: Very simply we could say yes, yet that is too much of a simplification. You see, one must attempt to understand God or the Father, and that is next to impossible since the Father is infinite, all-mighty, the Deity of Deities. How can man with his small mental abilities, his speck of spirituality, be able to encompass such an overwhelming existence as God? God is in Himself, so to speak, an entity, but not in man's understanding, it goes far beyond that. And in that entity there are personalities or facets. It is like a diamond, a full cut diamond having 52 facets. Each facet having its own spark of light, its own shiny surface, its own reflective ability. Taking all the fire and brilliance from inside and projecting it through that one little facet. Yet it takes 51 other facets to complete the diamond to give it its full brilliance yet each facet can use the other reflective or transparent abilities of the entire diamond to show its brilliance. So, shall we say, God the Father the Ultimate is somewhat like that. The three Divine Personalities, separate entities, and yet one. Yes, the Holy Spirit is in itself the third Person of the Father, just as Jesus Christ is the second Person of the Father and the Father in Himself is the entirety. And yet quite separate from the other two. One may say that God the Father is the overall encompassing power or vibration or creative force, where Jesus is that facet which is the complete accumulation of the most vital essence of the Father and that is Love. The Son, the Right Hand, is the heart, is the Love of that ultimate vibration, of that ultimate Being, and the Holy Spirit is that which is the wisdom and knowledge applied with the Love to give a just and perfect understanding and growth to all. That is about as simple as it can be explained, other than yes, the Holy Spirit is an entity as Jesus Christ, and we do not mean entity as an entity referred to you or someone else, but we are talking about a Divine Entity. Do you have some grasping of what we have tried to say?

Questioner: A small amount.

The Council: You cannot have much more than a small amount of understanding when it comes to the Ultimate of Creators. Even in our closeness we have but a breath more understanding of the Divine than you have. And yet we are far from where you are. And we will never have that complete understanding until we go through the doorway and are seated at the actual feet.

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