Communicating with the Higher Self - Part 2


In this follow-up to the previous posting, William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, tells us what is necessary when receiving guidance from the all-knowing.


The Council: Here is the thing: All knowledge must be applied or at least, at the very least, an effort must be made to apply it. Consequently, if one just has knowledge and does nothing with it, one gains nothing, one adds nothing to one's self. The discovery of knowledge is not that hard to come by, but the practice of it is. It is necessary for insights, wisdom, what have you, that one gains either about themselves or about situations, it is necessary then to apply that in your relationship with others. In fact, it becomes an obligation to do so. The abandonment of that obligation or the lack of fulfilling that obligation can in most cases create additional karmic debt. Once you know something then you are responsible for it. Once you know something consciously, then you are responsible for it. That is why, at times, we somewhat trip lightly around an answer because we realize that a more direct answer would not be beneficial to some individuals. By stepping around the answer or giving it to you indirectly, then some individuals who need the information can understand it. Those who are not able to deal with the responsibility of a more direct answer are not burdened unnecessarily or too soon or prematurely.



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