Monthly Quote - Communicating with the Higher Self - Part 1

In this exchange between a questioner and William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, the questioner wants to know how to “tune in” to the all-knowing.


Questioner: … you have to be able to communicate with your soul in the all-knowing. Are there any steps, either through prayer or meditation, along with meeting other people and having the exchange of communication, that we could practice to get us closer to that knowledge?


The Council:  The simplest way is meditation.  The other effort that must go hand in hand is the prayer factor.  If you pray to realize your full self or to know yourself or to experience more godly qualities, and then meditate, what you are doing in the prayer is setting a stage and the meditation then allows that stage to be filled with activities.  Once the activities have happened or, in another words, once something has been given to you in meditation, you must then act upon it.  Unfortunately, very few people, if they do pray and meditate will act upon the guidance given. You will never know yourself completely, because it would hinder you in your development or dealing with the material world, so there will always be a certain amount of your self that will be veiled.  If one would exercise prayer and meditation as an effort to discover yourself a little better or become aware of yourself a little better, and at the same time practice at developing a more appreciative attitude towards those around an individual, then sufficient growth can be made with a minimum amount of effort.  If one then puts out a great deal of effort, much growth can be gained.  Simply knowing yourself will give you no real growth, at least not in the areas that an individual would need.  It is the relationship and the interaction with other individuals that truly brings about the necessary growth.



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