Monthly Quote - Doing Wrong and Still having a Godly Element

It is hard for all of you to understand how an individual, an entity can do wrong and still have a godly element inside of them at the source of their existence. We wish we could explain it to you so that you would have a better understanding but your words are extremely limited. It is beyond human understanding. But that godly element in you will look at what has been done in a lifetime and will judge itself accordingly. The Divine God, the Divine Essence, would not judge you as severely as you will judge yourself, because not only will you look at the indignity that you have thrusted upon yourself but you will also look at the indignity that you have thrusted upon your own heir or link to that Divine Essence, the indignity that you cast upon the relationship that you have with that Divine Essence, that relationship of child and Father. All of you have help. None of you are left to flounder in this state of existence without some guidance, without some hope, without some kindness. But how many of you choose to accept that help, that hope, that kindness, that light? In the spiritual level, all are reaching out to each other to help. A soul attempts to create a consciousness that will make choices based on what it sees as spiritual light not what the senses see as fool's gold. All souls round and about you will help if you choose to allow them. If you find yourself in a state less desirable than what you know should be or what you hope to achieve, then look around about you and look at those that have collected to you and you have moved towards. If those individuals, those elements, are not as spiritual as you would like to be, then move away from them. If necessary, temporarily isolate yourself. Then look around about for those that you see are growing and attempt to move towards that group of individuals. In time, those who are progressing spiritually will notice your efforts and will welcome you into their community. Like draws to like. A fact of your earthly world and a fact of the spiritual world. Set a goal in your life and work towards it because if you don't have a goal, you will simply flounder around like a goldfish in a bowl circling endlessly, endlessly, endlessly. Spirituality can be as easy or as hard as you choose to make it.



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