The Tunnel during the Death Experience – Part 1

This discussion between a researcher and William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, delves into the details of what we experience when we first cross over after death whether it is a permanent leaving or a pre-death experience.

Questioner:  The after death experience that some people have had that is being written about.  They go through a tunnel.  Some of them meet their loved ones and religious friends and they see what they refer to as a city of light. They see the lights.  He wanted to know if this area that is referred to as the city of lights, heaven or the area around it, is heaven?

C:  In other words, what you are asking is the city of lights or that area that the city of light is in, is this heaven, is that the question?

Q:  Yes.

C:  The experience of going through a tunnel, the noises, the leaving the body and then the tunnel effect, the noises, the meeting of loved ones, the religious figures, and in some cases the feeling of a city of lights, this is, shall we say, an indoctrination period.  You must try to understand that even though you as a soul may be imperfect and even though you may not reach perfection and be somewhat less than perfect the magnitude of the soul is such that the initial conscious awareness would be too overpowering. Now we say conscious awareness; let us say the first state of consciousness after the death experience.

The total awareness of your own being would be overwhelming, so there is a gradual weaning away from the three-dimensional or material attitudes to the truer realities. Now this does take, what you would call, time, yet time after or time beyond what you know physical time is in no way related. Yet so that that soul has some way of understanding or relating to the experience then there is a certain time element allowed or a certain perspective of time allowed in these experiences. This area by no means is heaven. What it is basically is that realm which we have referred to in the dissertation that is the very first realm, so those that have not attached themselves to that realm, those who have weaned themselves out of that mumbo-jumbo of existence are capable of viewing it, so to speak, only in relationship to their personal experiences in life. In other words whatever segment of that they may have touched on, then those segments from that level are allowed, shall we say, in this outskirt level or outskirted area, so that there will be some understanding or some way of perceiving what is going on. These death experiences as they are called are for a purpose:  to give credence to the belief of an afterlife and also to make individuals aware that there is a review of your life.  We have spoken before of self-condemnation, and to be sure when death does come, when you do finally go through the veil, then the real review of your experiences comes to you, and, of course, you are guided by a spiritual being, and that review is much more agonizing than what you can believe.  Even those who have had a partial experience, that has been toned down because they could not cope with the remorse and the self-condemnation that would be involved in it.  So this experience is mellowed to a great degree and is presented in such a way so as you can relate to it in your physical state.  This by no means is heaven.  The city of lights or the city of light that is questioned can best be understood as your ability at that time to see the real levels of existence that the Divine Creator originally had intended for you to experience and not those lower levels that man has created; and in this then you could say beyond that city of lights or, shall we say, going into the walled city to be sure would be entering heaven or paradise.  This would then bring you to the second level.  As to what you can accept at this moment or what would be, shall we say, easier to understand, this area that has been experienced by some and spoken about by some is not heaven really but beyond then would be heaven. This is the area, shall we say, we could refer to as the foyer.

Q:  Does everybody experience this?

C:  Oh, to be sure, yes. You see there is a vast difference between the physical manifestation and your spiritual reality. If you will recall the example we gave of the individuals sitting around the table, sitting on the circumference of this table and sitting in small booths.  It is just like being locked in a small dark booth, and then all of a sudden opening the door and being engulfed in extremely bright light; you cannot see, you know; you are blinded. You have no ability to move ahead, so you must stay in that little compartment until the light is subdued, and then the door is opened, and you can come out and see where you are to walk. So this area can be understood in the same manner. It is an area where your spiritual awareness or your spiritual eyes is given time to adjust to the true reality.  You can put, shall we say, days on it as far as earthly time, but even in that dimension or in that awareness there is no real time.  It should be easily understood that those people who have, shall we say, crossed through the veil and then returned that possibly they had experienced quite a few experiences that in normal awarenesses would have taken considerable time, and yet they were only dead for, shall we say, minutes.  So you see time beyond the physical is something entirely different, and that is how the precognitive psychic experience is really experienced.  It is not an experience of the physical dimension or the physical reality, but it is actually an experience of the spirit.

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