Falling Asleep While the Radio or TV is On


I am sure that many of us have had this happen on occasion but with children sleeping in the next room the advice from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, becomes even more important.


Questioner:  About falling asleep with the radio or television on, what about the situation where the parents are in one room watching television and the children are in their bedroom sleeping but can still maybe not clearly hear the television set but can still hear it?

The Council:  Then those children are being fed whatever is coming out of that television set. You asked the question, here are the answers.  These are important issues.  They are important issues. Now, when you are asleep, a portion of the Subconscious Mind takes over the functions of the body and the awareness factor in protecting the body during its sleep time, while the conscious factor or the Conscious Level and the Subjective Level are doing what is necessary to be done during the sleep time.  Again, we said a portion of the Subconscious Level is tending to the needs of the body in protecting it; it is also aware of everything that is going on in the immediate vicinity.  In other words, if you can normally hear something from the next room when you are awake, you will probably in most cases and again this is with individuals, there are exceptions with certain individuals, you probably will be able to hear two rooms away instead of just in the next room, and all that information is being put into your computers, into your minds, to be dealt with later on.  So, if you have children in the home and you are watching something that you would not watch in their presence, be advised they can understand words as well as they can understand pictures, and, besides, if you do not think something is appropriate for your children, then it certainly is not appropriate for you because your children will see the inconsistency, and they will see that there are two standards, yours and theirs.  In certain areas because of the immaturity of children it is necessary to have what you may call two standards, but in other areas there is only one standard.  So be careful when you take your naps.



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