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The Membership Program maintains the Trance Lending Library and distributes the paranormal information in the form of the Trance Lending Library Files.  The psychic information obtained in the Research and Study group is organized along with all previous information gained over the years, according to the topic and published into Trance Lending Library Files.  These files consist of 25 to 50 pages of verbatim, unedited transcripts of Mr. LePar's trance sessions.  Care is taken to conceal the identity of the questioners by substituting coded numbers for names in the transcripts.  The Trance Lending Library Files can be borrowed by the public through the Membership Program.


There are three classes of membership based on the number of Files that may be borrowed. The membership dues are set to closely cover the cost of producing and two-way mailing of the Files. Members also receive the quarterly SOLAR Newsletter. Memberships are promoted via direct mail and public appearances and are available to anyone. The Trance Lending Library is the primary means of making the trance information available to the public. SOL takes the position that it has a source of very interesting psychic information and that the information is available to anyone, exactly as it was received. SOL makes no effort to espouse a philosophy of its own. Judgments as to the value, beauty, or usefulness of the Trance information is left to the reader.

TLL Files Synopses

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Mysteries of the Universe

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