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Sleep Learning

It is extremely dangerous, and this happens to many many individuals, to take a nap or fall asleep with a radio on or a television, because once you begin to fall asleep then all that information that you are hearing is pumped into you, whether you are aware of it or not, and you must deal with it then.

Synthetic Vitamins

If you had a choice between taking a synthetic vitamin and smoking a cigarette, we would say smoke the cigarette. You take these artificial vitamins, although they may be identical in their construction, they are not. When truly viewed, you will soon realize that there is a degree of reversal to them at the base of construction. You will not find that with the cigarette; it has a natural form of construction. [The reversal of the molecules] is unnatural. It is contrary to what constitutes the physical body. If you try to mesh together a helical [spiral] that runs in a clockwise direction ... with a helical that runs in a counterclockwise direction ... you have a grating against each other. The synthetic construction is far more durable than the natural construction, consequently, it will grind away the natural construction.

Black Holes


Black holes do exist but not as man understands them and not for the purpose that he thinks. They are natural areas where God cleanses what man has defiled. They do not exist in the form that man thinks they exist [in], but they are focal points where all negativity collects and is held until it is destroyed, for negativity cannot be cleansed per se but can only be destroyed.

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Mysteries of the Universe

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