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Three Worlds Lost - The History of Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis
By Denny Highben

"There was so much blood at the site that much of it still stained the soupy earth, in spite of the downpour. The scene sickened Uhnimer. He stood up and studied the surroundings. ... (He) found it took effort to control his fear. He had never before been so close to one of the fearsome monstrosities. They were relatively few in all of Atlantis, and none had been known in this region for years."

Author Denny Highben weaves fiction based on fact with the fact more strange and exciting than any fiction in "Three Worlds Lost, The History of Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis." This is a tale of mystery and danger in the darkening days of Atlantis, but the details are beacons into the depths of mankind's actual experience with the earth plane. These astounding revelations come to us from the communications of catatonic trance-sensitive William Allen LePar. His story and that of The Council, the spiritually evolved souls who communicate with humanity through the LePar trance state, is presented in 'spirited' form by this award-winning writer, a student of the trances for more than 30 years. Interspersed with the tale of Uhnimer and the Children of Light's struggle to resist and survive the growing Darkness are details from The Council about Mu and Lemuria -- not just civilizations but AGES of mankind in our struggle to resist and survive the growing Darkness. We are now in the fourth age of man. (8 1/2" X 11", 253 pages, spiral-bound, $12.00 postage paid)

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