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Angels and Prayer in Creation 

by William LePar - CD

This CD gives new insight into the power of prayer and angels. Meet a very special kind of angel with a specific task to accomplish. More importantly, learn how you can be a part of the process of angels and prayer. You will find the information provided by Mr. LePar to be truly life-changing. We can guarantee that this CD will not only be useful but inspiring as well. 70 minutes. $10 ppd.




‎01 - Introduction to the Two Type of Prayer

02 - The How and Why of Angels

03 - A Special Kind of Prayer

04 - Emotions in Prayer

05 - To Achieve True Prayer

06 - Our Potential

07 - The Perfect Prayer

08 - The Impetus Behind Prayer

09 - Many Levels of Something that needs Prayer

10 - The Basic Laws of Nature

11 - The World of Formation

12 -Thoughts and Desires are Prayers                                                13 - The Proper Attitude in Prayer

14 - The Divine Answers Prayer

15 - How the Angel Helps

16 - The Angel Completes Its Task

17 - Closing - Sending an Angel

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