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Blessings and Reflections

By Nancy LePar & Sherilyn Highben


This book is the second one filled with insights from William Allen LePar, and his spiritual source, The Council. Bill is perhaps unique as a psychic of our age or any age for that matter. You will find much to ponder from the mind of a man who was mystically gifted, a man who accessed levels of spiritual insight rarely touched by physical man. Bill spent his life in service to others and this publication, compiled by his wife, Nancy LePar, is a special offering. In the forward, she explains how Blessings and Reflections came to be: "One of the projects William Allen LePar planned to accomplish before his death was a book containing blessings The Council had given mankind through the many years of trances. The Council is a union of 12 souls who have communicated with mankind for the benefit of humanity through the deep catatonic trance state of Mr. LePar. The blessing occurred at the end of each trance. The original concept was that Mr. LePar (Bill) would then add commentary to the Blessings, further explaining or illuminating the message of The Council. This book contains the blessings that Bill chose for additional commentary. The blessings were divided into categories such as Negativity, Spiritual Growth, etc., which would be the overlying topic for Bill’s commentary. Unfortunately, the project was not completed before Bill’s passing, so The Associates, the group that works with The Council material, decided to publish the blessings Bill chose for the original book.”  We have derived great comfort and insight so I hope you do as well.


(5"x8", 56  pages, perfect bound, $8.00 postage paid)


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