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Life After Death, A New Revelation By William A. LePar - Review by Scott Harrison Glass


Unique among the many books on the market about our non-physical future is Life After Death, A New Revelation.  We are not treated to just another look at the near-death experience (NDE), either as a specific incident in the life of an author or as a theme developed from the study of many such incidents.

Rather, this book proposes to instruct us on what to expect when we leave the physical world and, well, STAY gone. With refreshingly clear prose, LePar and his two co-authors delve into two realms or states of existence that follow death. One realm is for those who find it necessary to again utilize the physical world, and it is where souls prepare for reincarnation. The other is for those who have grown sufficiently to forever move beyond the need of a physical life. The latter is known as the God-Made Heavenly Realm, but there is so much more to it than our commonly held images of harp music and streets of gold. The book weaves a fascinating tapestry about these realms and their relationship to us and to our current world.


The wellspring of insight into these topics comes from and through author LePar, who is a deep trance psychic. That identification is not simply dropped on the reader, however. LePar's background and an introduction to the trances has been contributed to the book by another party. Dozens of direct quotes from the LePar trances are used as the basis for the major and minor topics discussed in the text. Aside from the material produced through the trances, LePar is a considerable talent in his own right in these weighty matters of life and death and spiritual growth. He is masterful in his explanation of spiritual concepts and in elaborating on trance quotes to create a clear, comprehensive picture of the subject. LePar also describes some rather surprising aspects of a near-death experience he had. An epilogue (titled "A Personal God?") draws from his NDE and is a remarkably inspiring bit of work. Those passages alone are worth the time invested in reading the book.


Near-death experiences, in general, are discussed early in the book, within the context of better understanding the process of death. NDEs have a similar function to the prophetic voices of old: They are meant as an advisory to humanity or, to be more dramatic (if the subject of eternity isn't sufficiently dramatic on its own), they are meant as a warning that we really should take eternity more seriously. After all, life continues... (6"X9", 256 pages, perfect bound, $14.95 postage paid)

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