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Mastering Life: The Cooperative Creation
By David Ries and William LePar

From the time of birth, our character and personality are influenced and altered by the people we live with, those we meet as friends and those with whom we make permanent attachments. Life is a series of events that accumulate into a collection of experiences. These experiences combine to influence our personality. We are formed by what happens to us and what we cause to happen to others. When we leave this existence we are quite a bit different from when we came in. What we were when we came in was the real us at that time in our lifetime. What we are when we leave is the new and hopefully improved version of the same person.

The growth that we bring about in ourselves and in others is the result of a cooperative effort. We grow through our interaction with others who have agreed, at some level of our beings, to cooperate with us in creating situations that foster spiritual growth.

Absolutely nothing that happens in life happens by accident. Learn the who, what, when, where, and how that brings events into reality. This book examines the big and small events of life that affect individuals and the world. There is a lot of work done at levels beyond the conscious mind. How this occurs is examined with examples given of both the good and bad that occur in our physical world. (8 1/2" X 11", 116 pages, spiral-bound, $7.00 postage paid)

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