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Denny Highben has mined The Trance archives and has presented us with a vast new awareness of the interplay between mankind and AIDS in the context of spiritual and physical activity. It is an awareness that we will never get from our health officials. As this malady spreads throughout mankind's world, learn why it does not really come as a surprise and what it brings to us besides misery. 
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    “On the Brink: The Coming of AIDS” -- There is a spiritual reality to mankind that is eternal, and spiritual reasons for all of man’s successes and failures, joys and sorrows. So it is with AIDS, the monstrous disease identified as “The Leveler” by the beacon of enlightenment which has come to our physical world through the catatonic state communications of William Allen LePar. In this book, an award-winning journalist explains exactly what AIDS means to humanity, its potential for devastation and – remarkably – its impact for a spiritually better tomorrow. Insights from The Council, the spiritual source which comes to us through the trances of Mr. LePar, are combined with the account of how AIDS came upon mankind to form a perspective that will fortify and guide those who heed the warnings. The Council: “You are in a very phenomenal time in relationship to man’s spiritual growth. You are seeing a Leveler being applied, and although it may be confusing and fearful to some, even though some may become paranoid, it is still an eye-opener to see the evolvement taking place.” This spiritual helpmate to humanity often says it is here to clear away confusion and misinformation, so that man can focus on what is essential for spiritual growth and at-one-ment. Understanding the truths in “On the Brink: The Coming of AIDS” is essential for us all.
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