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Return to Eden

Return to Eden

These lectures presented over 3 decades - Kirlian photography, auras, a meditation workshop with access to the recordings, an in-depth analysis of the movie The Passion, five steps to spirituality, angels & prayer in creation, the different levels of consciousness, the nature of our reality and much more provide a gold mine of extremely interesting and diverse subjects. Much of value found within!
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    William LePar always took great care in preparation of his lectures. He felt that if he did a through job of preparation and inspiration took over he would be OK when he needed to find his place to continue. He began preparation months in advance of the presentation date. As the date got closer he would insist on almost nightly practice. Bill left a lot of white space in his documentation. The purpose of the white space was to allow room for add a key word or phase at important points. This book, The Universal Being Lectures of William LePar, presents his keynote lectures at the annual Universal Being Conference. The lectures span a myriad of topics and provide tremendous insight for the seeker spiritually, historically and scientifically. There truly is something for everyone. The Nature of Reality lecture is an eye-opener for those who wish an understanding of " Is this a dream or reality? What is all of this and what is my purpose for living life?" Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances." If you are interested in auras, interpreting auras, and Kirlian photography then Auras the Soul's Rainbow is for you. The aura is as unique to the individual soul as a fingerprint to the individual body and more descriptive. In his comprehensive probe of auras, Mr. LePar will not only define and illuminate this aspect of our reality, but also explain the significance of auric colors. Beyond the range of eye and ear, thought and dream, exists a dimension laden with the riches of spiritual insight and understanding. Mr. LePar will chart the course to this revealing realm of mind and soul in this Meditation Workshop. This text contains links to the music used during the actual lecture. History is rife with presidents and kings, tyrants and emperors, generals and other military legends. But one man, in his life and death, still stirs passion and continues to shake the world more than all ot
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