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The Eagle Soars - Volume One

The Eagle Soars - Volume One

This is the first in a series taken from William LePar's lessons on the Book of John. Mr. LePar's spiritual source, The Council, give it their whole hearted recommendation, "Some of the information that has come out and will come out will never be out again. Now do you understand when we say it will never be out again, we mean in the form that it is presented, in those particular words? The truth has always been and always will be. But it is the proper construction or the proper presentation that makes the difference, that makes for the understanding and the acceptance.

"Now, at the risk of sounding egotistical, we would recommend that (Mr. LePar's) Bible class whole-heartedly, because in that then you get what is necessary, and you get it in a very clear picture without the hindrance of man's intellect."

We feel that this presentation offers a new perspective for all who are interested in spiritual growth.

Mr. LePar opens with a history of the progression of the Bible up to the time of Christ. He touches on the Essenes and their possible connection to Jesus and those associated with Him. He also discusses ritual and thought of that time so that we can look beyond the words that John gives us. The following are a couple of excerpts from Mr. LePar's presentation.

"My intention in this Bible Class is not to give you everything there is. We would have to spend our entire lifetime doing that. The sum total of all that you will find will be this – that the Divine Glorious Creator, that Super Vibration, that Emanating Force that controls all other emanations has such a great regard, such a fondness, such a love for us that He would never under any circumstances ask us to do anything that He Himself would not undergo or endure. To prove it, He came into the physical manifestation and lived the kind of life He expected us to live. He did it to the nth degree. Now we are told, along with this, that we are not expected, that it is not solely possible to live it to that 
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