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Three Worlds Lost

Three Worlds Lost

This is a tale of mystery and danger in the darkening days of Atlantis, but the details are beacons into the depths of mankind's actual experience with the earth plane. These astounding revelations come to us from The Council, the spiritual source of catatonic trance sensitive William Allen LePar. Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis are the first three ages of man. We are now in the fourth age of man.
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    Uhnimer was not as “attuned” as many of the elders of the village, so old and secluded deep within the interior of Atlantis. Uhnimer’s greatest talents were of a different nature. He could tolerate, and function, in the spiritually destructive world of darkness, deceit, and oppression that grew stronger every year. He was an observer, risking himself to keep the Sons of Light aware of the threats to their way of life… “Three Worlds Lost, The History of Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis” takes us to the time of Uhnimer, when the world of men was descending further into the cruelty and greed that would lead to its destruction – again. Drawn from dialogues with The Council, the spiritual source of revelations through Deep Trance Sensitive William Allen LePar, this book amazes, shocks and entertains. We learn how long humanity has really been trapped in the physical illusion, what astonishing abilities we once practiced as naturally as breathing, the depths of depravity to which we fell. This story of mankind’s reality through eons uncounted is presented as two tales in one. We have Uhnimer’s world, as the destruction of Atlantis grew near. Every aspect of the story, from amazing abilities to horrifying cruelties, is drawn directly from statements of The Council during Mr. LePar’s catatonic state communications. And we also have the account of Mr. LePar and The Council, the most important, prophetic intercession into the earth plane in generations. Both are, ultimately, warnings to mankind as a whole and to each individual soul: Realize who you are, and grow toward the Light.
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