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From Angels to Aliens (and Unicorns) Man's Greatest Questions Answered. Enjoy a comprehensive sampling of The Councils revelations to man  from the ancestors of Atlantis to the mysteries of the Bermuda Elliptical Area; from The Creation to ghosts of men and visits from aliens to the illusion of time. Meet William Allen LePar, in depth and detail, and meet Darwin, a sometimes comical unicorn. It is all included in an encyclopedic tour of our realities, told with wit and humorous interludes from the keyboard of an award-winning journalist. (6"x9", 448 pages, perfect bound, $24.95 postage paid)
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    Journey into a vision of reality that challenges traditional concepts at every turn, and accept the challenge of the author: Read and decide for yourselves. Are these keys to finally understanding who and what we are, and why we are in this life, in this turbulent and troubled world? More importantly, are these keys to finding our way to that indescribably wondrous home which has eluded us for millennia? This is the story of William Allen LePar, a self-effacing man who fought to ignore potent extrasensory abilities that, in the end, overcame his resistance and have given mankind a dizzying array of revelations. It is the story of a beacon of spiritual light that never before entered the physical plane of existence. And, this is the story of you – every reader, every soul on earth today and throughout the countless ages before. Read and decide for yourselves: Is this just entertainment, fiction? Or something far more sustaining? In this journey you will meet dragons and unicorns, angels and aliens, and discover the fantastic abilities of our ancient ancestors, many of whom are among us today as our world reaches the end of a most significant spiritual cycle. You will find new perspectives about The Creation, about our true nature and about the predicaments of our physical lives. You will meet The Council, a union of human souls whose insights come from a level of spiritual evolvement after death that every person should seek; and you will meet Mr. LePar, perhaps the most supernaturally gifted individual in generations. Why is all of this coming to the forefront of man’s awareness now? Because humanity needs a wake-up call to see truth beyond the distractions, deceptions and dark forces that seek to extinguish our Light. “Who Put the Horn on the Unicorn?” is an encyclopedic tour of revelations from hundreds of catatonic trance-state communications from The Council through Mr. LePar, a man who devoted his life to helping others without material compensation. A
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