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A Metaphysical Approach to Marriage and Parenting

by Sherilyn Highben


The chance encounters that so often lead to romance and the birth of a new family may not be "chance" after all. In this book, The Trances explain how family relationships begin in the spiritual realms through spiritual contracts and how important these family relationships are to mankind. Discover what truly transpires throughout the wondrous act of physical creation and how man, woman, and child are bound in ways that transcend space and time. Learn how parents can instill spiritual, moral, and ethical values in their unborn child to help mold that child so he may reach at-one-ment with his Creator. The LePar information gives some very practical advice about maintaining the well-being of the unborn child through controlling the mother's diet, environment, and emotional state. Also, this book gives some enlightening information on the effects of discipline and the types of discipline that are needed to rear a spiritually based child. This book can serve as a valuable guide for today's families as well as tomorrow's. (8 1/2" X 11", 112 pages, spiral-bound, $7.00 postage paid)


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