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Controlling the Creative Process in You Androgyny

The physical reflections of reality can guide us to new heights of wisdom if properly interpreted. Mr. LePar, in this landmark work of spiritual renewal, provides that interpretation through an exploration of human androgyny. An understanding of the androgynous state gives you the tools of creation. Using direct quotes from The Trances, Mr. LePar explains how mankind's understanding of the spiritual truth of androgyny has been diluted through the ages. He combines revelations from The Trances with his unique vision to rekindle an appreciation of our status in the Cosmos, that physical life is but a reflection of spiritual life. This physical reflection of the spiritual side of life is seen in the male and female gender and the roles each manifests in the physical universe. The reader will realize why personal relationships should not be viewed as the "battle of the sexes" but as the "alliance of the sexes." Harmony in the world comes from harmony within the individual which comes from the harmony between the masculine and feminine aspects of the soul. (8 1/2" X 11", 218 pages, spiral-bound, $12.00  postage paid)

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