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Insights From The Council
Through William A. LePar Deep Trance Psychic


Featuring Commentaries by Mr. LePar


Mr. LePar's psychic source calls itself The Council. Enter the fascinating world of The Council. Turn your life around with SOL's first publication, Insights From The Council. This revealing book introduces The Council and contains quotes by The Council on its purpose, the working of karma in a health situation, the unity of man and God, astrological influences, reincarnation, precognitive and psychic experiences, parent-child relationships, the interrelationship of one's spirit and physical body and much more, each with commentary by Mr. LePar. Learn The Council's enlightening perspective on these topics and get practical answers to your questions.  (8 1/2"X 11", 61 pages, spiral-bound, $6.00 postage paid)


From The Council

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