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   The Eagle Soars - Volume 3, The Book of John, Chapters 5,
    As Interpreted by William Allen LePar

This is the third in a series taken from William LePar's lessons on the Book of John. Mr. LePar's spiritual source, The Council, gives it their whole-hearted recommendation, "Some of the information that has come out and will come out will never be out again. Now, do you understand when we say it will never be out again, we mean in the form that it is presented, in those particular words? The truth has always been and always will be. But it is the proper construction or the proper presentation that makes the difference, that makes for the understanding and the acceptance.


"Now, at the risk of sounding egotistical, we would recommend that (Mr. LePar's) Bible class whole-heartedly, because in that then you get what is necessary, and you get it in a very clear picture without the hindrance of man's intellect."


We feel that this presentation offers a new perspective for all who are interested in spiritual growth.


Mr. LePar opens with a detailed explanation of Christ's healing of the crippled man at the pool of Bethzatha or Bethesda. With this story, we see the conditions under which the power of Jesus Christ operated.


Next, we examine healing, hatred and a discourse on Christ's Sabbath work. According to Him, God's work did not stop on the Sabbath and neither did He.


Also in this chapter, Jesus openly makes the tremendous claim that he is the promised Messiah. He is the Life-Giver and the Bringer of LIfe.


Jesus follows by exercising Jewish law to show that there are two witnesses to his claim of being the Messiah.


He concludes by stating that unbelief in Him becomes the ultimate condemnation.


We, who have worked on this book, and the others in this series that will be published in the future feel that this series will become indispensable for any serious student if they are to develop a true grasp of John.   (8 1/2" X 11", 138 pages, ring bound, $12.00 postage paid)

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