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A Lost Parable

Channeled by
William A. LePar

We live in an increasingly complex society in which man is constantly searching for his Utopia. A Lost Parable is a treasure map rich with clues to the greatest wealth that man can possess. This beautiful, sensitive story leads us to a greater understanding of ourselves. The parable's characters include a healer, a dove that brings a book of wisdom and great truth and a divine messenger in the form of a white peacock. This parable teaches us that the opportunity for true spiritual growth is eternal. Reading this simple parable with proper attention provides us with much healing wisdom. This enchanting tale, filled with great love and warmth for mankind, will guide you in reevaluating your highest potential. A story that will provide new insights with every reading. (8 1/2" X 11", 39 pages, spiral-bound, $5.00 postage paid)

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