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Heaven Help Us

Important Quotes from The Council

by Sherilyn Highben


Heaven Help Us is a small book that begins with William Allan LePar’s personal account of his discovery of his paranormal ability, his attitude toward that ability, and his journey into the phenomenon of the deep catatonic trance. The Introduction explains who The Council is and gives more background on Mr. LePar. The book is divided into several sections covering various topics. The first section, “Meeting The Council,” gives The Council’s explanation on how the reader is to perceive the information they relate. “Think” contains quotes from The Council that outlines guidelines for accepting metaphysical/spiritual information. “Spiritual Growth” relates various strategies to gain spiritual growth such as: “Look for something small and tiny that is joyful. Then look for something small and tiny that is beautiful. Appreciate that joy, that beauty, savor it, place it in your heart, and keep it in your thoughts. And in so doing you open your blind eyes to greater light, greater beauty, thus the heart rises up and the consciousness creates more and more that is godly.” “Society and Government” gives insight into the government's responsibilities to their peoples as well as the people's responsibilities to their governments. “Health and Healing” contains quotes on chemicals in food, synthetic material, fluoridation, and AIDS.  “Human Sexuality” explains The Council’s view on the relationships that should exist between couples as well as guidelines for dating. “The Family Unit” basically explains the importance of the family unit in spiritual growth. This quote from The Council summarizes the importance of the family unit: “If you want a heavenly state on your earth, then you must return to the family unit.” The final section, “Things That Go Bump in the Night” contains quotes about some unique topics such as dinosaurs and ghosts. This gem of a book is an excellent introduction into the reality of The Council.   (This book will be available in E-Book format only.)


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